Ride to Kortrijk, Belgium, in 2007

One Sunday in October 2007 we left our apartment in Lille to ride north to Belgium.


Putting on the trailgator


Along the way from Lille to Kortrijk

A windmill on the main highway.

He’s bigger now.

Across the border at Menen, I detached the trailgator once we got on the bike path heading east along the canal to Kortrijk, Brussels.


He was ready to go.

The towers haven’t changed.

The path took us to Kortrijk.. a Flemish town very close to Lille. I liked being able to ride a short distance from our apartment in Lille to cross a national border into a very different place, in this case the Belgian region of Flanders.

At Kortrijk we took a train back Lille Flanders station in Lille. This is the lady who sold us our tickets.

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